Business Proposal - Green No. 118


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Business Proposal Green No. 118 - UV/LED Gel Polish

Unleash your risk-taking spirit with our Business Proposal - Green No. 118 nail gel polish! Inspired by Kdrama names and perfect for a San Valentin collection, this bold green color (No.118) will elevate your professional style. Take on new challenges and make a statement with every stroke of polish.


  • Applied over a Base Coat and cure under a UV/LED lamp of 36W+ for 30-60 seconds.
  • Apply one of our tops: The Flexi Rubber Non-Wipe Top, the Regular Top Coat for a perfect glass finish or the Matte Top for a unique look. 

Last up to 21 days under correct manicure techniques and even more. For best results use all HARU products on you nails as our Flexi Rubber Base Coat.