Glitter Hot Rose No. 228


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Glitter Hot Rose No. 228 Color Gel: UV/LED polish gel

 Introducing Glitter Hot Rose No. 228, a luxurious and exclusive glitter hot rose gel polish that will envelop your nails in a shimmer of sparkles. With its tasteful finish of veiling sparkles, your fingertips will shimmer and shine like never before. Glitter Hot Rose No. 228 will ensure your nails evoke elegance and sophistication.



  • Applied over a Base Coat and cure under a UV/LED lamp of 36W+ for 30-60 seconds.
  • Apply one of our tops: The Flexi Rubber Non-Wipe Top, the Regular Top Coat for a perfect glass finish or the Matte Top for a unique look. 

Last up to 21 days under correct manicure techniques and even more. For best results use all HARU products on you nails as our Flexi Rubber Base Coat.