Ulsan Neon Pink Gel No. 157


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Ulsan Neon Pink No. 157  : UV/LED Gel Polish

Add a pop of color to your nails with Ulsan Neon Pink Gel No. 157! This gel, imported from South Korea, is the perfect way to represent the vibrant city of Ulsan. Get ready to stand out with this fun and quirky nail gel. (Can you say "nail goals?")



  • Apply over a Base Coat and cure under a UV/LED lamp of 36W+ for 30-60 seconds.
  • Apply one of our tops: The Flexi Rubber Non-Wipe Top, the perfect Regular Top Coat for a perfect glass finish or the Matte Top for a unique look. 

Last up to 21 days under correct manicure techniques and even more. For best results use all HARU products on you nails as our Flexi Rubber Base Coat.